2023: Ayom, Dream Of Youth Poised To End Unemployment

By Denen Achussah

The President/ CEO of Federal Housing Authority- KETTI Investment and Development Company, High Chief Moses Ayom, has said he has the solution to ending unemployment in Nigeria if elected president in 2023.

High Chief Ayom, honoured by the South East/South South as the Ozo Igbo Ndu 1 and recently ordained reverend by the Middlebelt Interfaith Clerics Association of Nigeria is aspiring to the office of President, Federal Republic of Nigeria on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC), disclosed this in an interview with ThisWeek in his Abuja office.

The KETTI Investment and Development Company owner, who was on President Muhammadu Buhari’s delegation on the president’s first and most successful trade mission to China in 2016 where his company, Granite and Marble Ltd signed a contract with the world’s largest manufacturer of Mining Equipment, SBM China Ltd to establish Africa’s biggest mining processing plant in Abuja, explained that when eventually ignited, the agreement has the capacity of employing all the unemployed in northern Nigeria and the Middle Belt. He similarly said the problem of unemployment in the whole of the south regions will be achieved by way of strategic partnership with the provinces across China and Europe.

“So, I have a solution to the problem of unemployment in the country. As a president I will take charge of this and stretch it to other parts of Africa,” High Chief Ayom stated.

Currently, High Chief Ayom, who was honoured by the Chinese Government as the Outstanding Advocate of China/Nigeria Relations is in partnership with the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) to develop the KETTI District into Africa’s foremost Green Smart City.

The global entrepreneur, philanthropist, creativity icon, cultural ambassador and President Buhari’s unshakable admirer from the North Central State of Benue is touted as one of the APC’s fast rising stars and the dream of the youth in 2023 and is otherwise known as Dan Nigeria.

From a peasant family, High Chief Ayom grew up to know that making it in life is only achievable by being honest, transparent and extremely disciplined. The qualities, he said were direct teachings from his father, enabling him as a man of “very low educational background that has not approached the university wall but has risen to be a billionaire in dollars in both assets and goodwill.”

No wonder, he was among the people that signed the trinity agreement between China and Nigeria, the Six Billion Dollar currency swap to put stability on Nigeria’s foreign reserve.

Today, High Chief Ayom is leading the movement of APC First, saying, the party “under Muhammadu Buhari is a demigod to be celebrated. As a Catholic and from the teachings of Jesus Christ in the holy book, I think a Muhammadu Buhari humanly is the Jesus Christ of our time.

“I am saying this because it’s not just a personal opinion but it is a practical opinion that also translates to getting banditary out of our states and getting kidnappers out of our roads and making our forests safe.

“In Buhari I find a Fulani man behaving like my father. In those days my father’s best friend was called Adamu, he was a Fulani man. My father was in love with him so also his children. After 50 years, I’ve discovered another Fulani man that is like my father’s friend, Adamu.

“Buhari left everybody and went for people of pedigree and out of those people he found me worth flying with him on the basis of the fact that he chooses me out of over 200m Nigerians to travel with and I owe it back to him all. If not because of me being on that trip, I wouldn’t have signed that kind of transaction that got the CEO of SBM China Ltd to fly in to catch up with President Buhari, which I personally facilitated through my late Chairman Mallam Ismaila Funtua. The fact that I traveled with the president, being a director of my Chinese company, the company was also rated higher than it was.”

Meanwhile, the APC Presidential aspirant had reminded Senator Abdullahi Adamu led National Working Committee (NWC) to follow to the later the counsel of President Buhari not to sell the party’s ticket to the highest bidder.

High Chief Ayom also pleaded with Sen Adamu not to give into the power play by pegging the price of forms to get experience, knowledgeable, honest and transparent leaders.

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