Bula Makes Case For Akume At Meeting With Benue APC Media Team

Bula Makes Case For Akume At Meeting With Benue APC Media TeamBy Denen AchussahFormer state lawmaker and Gboko/Tarka 2023 hopeful, Arc Wilfred Bula, has urged the APC Benue State media team to keep up the propagation of the good works and desire of Senator George Akume to become the National Chairman of APC.
Arc. Bula gave the charge in his Makurdi office, when he received the media arm of the party led by Daniel Ihomun, APC State Publicity Secretary elect on Thursday, 16th December, 2021.
According the erstwhile Gboko East State Constituency representative, the PDP in Benue State targets Akume as subject of attack because of the importance and the fear they have for the former Benue State Governor and now member of Federal Executive Council.
“All these insults about our leader (Senator George Akume) is because of the importance he has on the state and the fear they have for him. That is why they are always talking about him.
“That somebody leaves office since 2007 and almost 16 years after, you are still referring to him, that man is a force. There are a few states in Nigeria today that you go to and still remember who the governors were from 1999 to 2007. But in Benue he is the point of discussion: They go for rally, he is the point of discussion,” Bula said while questioning the rationale for leaving the successor to Akume and probe the Special Duties and Inter-Governmental Affairs minister.
“You leave an administration that came after Akume and you are probing Akume. Then the administration that took over after Akume, out of the eight years did nothing. The fact that they did nothing means that they are also culpable.
“And then you look at the N107b and things like that are swept under the carpet? Akume must be supported and in every situation, we must as much as possible bring out things that will project him.

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“So, I urge you to keep up the propagation of his good works and desire to become the National Chairman of APC,” Arch Bula said.
Bula commended Senator Akume on the inspection tour of the APC projects in Gboko saying, before the visit it was believed that the projects were been done by the PDP administration in the state.
The former lawmaker placed the current security challenges Nigeria is facing squarely on the PDP. “Where did these insecurity issues start? Before 2015, what was the status of the states in the north east? The challenges we have been experiencing are not about the president. It is about the failure of a foundational cause, which was a completely sleeping, docile and negligence of the PDP,” Bula argued. 
Briefing the team on his desire for service to Gboko/Tarka Federal Constituency in 2023, Bula said: “The mandate we seek is genuine social responsibility to the people.” He went on: “We have to put our best in to win elections.”
The APC media team was in Bula’s office to brief him of their workings and planned tour to showcase President Muhammadu Buhari’s projects in Benue State.
The team is confident about Arc Bula’s capacity and clout to be a worthy representative of Gboko/Tarka and Benue APC. They alluded to the days of the Ipav born lawmaker in the state assembly and his speeches and papers at public events and social interaction.

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