2023: I Am Coming To Make Benue Viable -Engr. Atsar

By Denen AchussahPeople’s Democratic Party (PDP) aspirant for 2023 Benue Governorship election, Engr. Terver Atsar has said that he is ready to make Benue State viable and move the Benue man a step higher in the humanity index, if elected as Governor in 2023.
Engr Atsar, made the assertion during an interactive session with members of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Benue State Council, at the NUJ House Makurdi, the Benue State capital.
He said he is coming with the solutions that will maximise output and minimise waste, while leading a government process that works.
“My campaign slogan is that Benue deserves better. And so, my focus is to make life better for the common man. That is to move a Benue man a step higher in the humanity index,” Engr. Atsar said.
According to the PDP man, the Benue problem require people who have the courage to step in and solve the problems of the state.
“Benue is not a viable state. Viability of a state depends on its ability to generate enough resources within the state to look after its people. A state that derives only 10 per cent of its income is not viable,” Engr. Atsar said, adding that 32 per cent of the Benue population is living in abject Poverty, with unemployment standing at 55. 5 per cent.
“I am coming with the mindset that Benue needs a solution provider who will look at the opportunities that lie around, harness them and transform them into positive outcomes,” he assured.
He also talked about building confidence in the people about government policies and implementation.
“Over the years, people have been disappointed in the government and don’t trust it again. I want to change that narrative so that government policies should be the way they are. The people must move in the same direction with government to make things work. Any government that fails to make the life of the people better than it met is a failure,” Engr. Atsar asserted. 
The local government will also enjoy autonomy under his would be government, Atsar promised. He is also considering establishing the Benue State produce management agency.
“Benue is an agrarian state and we can only work on our comparative advantage. Our agricultural industry is our best bet if you are going to turn Benue into anything,” Engr. Atsar noted.
He is concerned that the state is not maximising it’s potentials in agriculture, saying “we have the capacity to be the largest producer of soyabeans, generating over One Trillion Naira annually in soyabeans alone.
“As governor, I will generate 2m jobs in two years and that will be through agriculture.”
He also hopes to introduce civil service reforms that will make it efficient and effective driver of government machinery. Atsar indicated that he will not allow just overblotted civil service just for the sake of it, with his innovations in agriculture taking care of those who have no business in the civil service.
“I don’t need my commissioners to go and canvass second term for me. I don’t need a second term. If at the end of my first term and the people cannot point at what I’ve done, I will say I thought it was easy and since it is not I will go back. Government is about the people; it’s not about me. And because I want to be the solution, that is why I have come,” Engr. Atsar assured.
The interactive session according to Stephen Ijoh, Acting Chairman, NUJ Benue State Council, is an opportunity for aspirants irrespective of party affiliation to articulate their mission and vision for the people. It is also to ease the selection process for political parties and indeed the electorate in making the 2023 choice. 

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