Railway Market, Home of Fruits, Vegetables -Adiele

By Denen AchussahWurukum Market may boast of fruits and vegetables. However, Railway Market prides itself as the biggest market for fresh produce in Makurdi, the Benue State capital.

Located on JS Tarka Way Makurdi, the market is one of the oldest markets in the Nigeria’s Food Basket State’s capital.

The Onowu of Ibos in Makurdi, Sunday Adiele, is one of the foremost traders at the market. “You can find any type of perishable produce here,” he told ThisWeek.

At the Railway Market, there are mangoes, tomatoes, oranges, watermelon, cucumber, pinneaples, plantain, onions, sweet potatoes, gardens – in fact, fruits and vegetables: Amaranthus, fluted pumpkin.

It is also a sure market for materials for local dishes. Egusi, Ogbono, Adenger, Nune, Gbaaye (fermented ironwood seeds), Okro, and choice soup materials from South south and south east.

“People from the east bring goods – oil, cocoanut and vegetables. The Ogoja people too,” Adiele told ThisWeek.

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