3000 US Troops in Kabul to Evacuate Diplomats

As the Taliban continues offensives in Afghanistan, 3000 US troops are expected in Kabul, the Afghan capital to evacuate Diplomats.
The US State Department spokesman Ned Price has confirmed that the Taliban have no intention of targeting diplomatic facilities.

“The Taliban have said themselves that they have no intention of targeting diplomatic facilities,” Price told MSNBC, without addressing the question.

“Of course that is written into international law that they not do so.

“We are not going to trust anything the Taliban says. What we’re going to be looking for is what they do. What we can tell through all sources of information that they plan to do.

“That’s why we’re taking these prudent steps right now to relocate some our civilian personnel. To take them potentially out of harm’s way,” Price said told MSNBC.

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