Benue Nurse Stabbed-On-Duty Cries Out For Help

By Denen AchussahBenue Nurse, Janet Serki who was stabbed while working with Primary Health Centre (PHC) Yelwata, Guma Local Government Area of Benue State, is crying out while calling for the arrest of her attacker.
She has been lying on the Benue State University Teaching Hospital (BSUTH) Makurdi, bed in spite her referral to the National Hospital Abuja.
According to her referral letter, issued on 29th July, 2921, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) conducted on Janet shows features of post traumatic cervical cord transaction at C6 vertebrae.
“It was on 30th June, around 7pm,” Janet opened up. “I went to pick my phone where I had plug it to boost the battery. While I was waiting, I felt someone held me on my hair at the back. The next think I felt I was stabbed. I lost consciousness and only wake up in the hospital,” she narrated.
According to Janet, she had on that fateful day done with immunisation and was completing the necessary forms when she got up to pick her phone where it was charging and to also get snacks, when the incident occured.
Observation shows that she was stabbed in three places: On the posterior border of her left sternocleidomastoid muscle and in two places on her forearm.
Angela Uker is accused of responsibility. “I was told that it’s a woman that did it. Her name is Angela Uker,” Janet said adding that Angela is a student nurse at Kadarko.
“For the past one month that I have been lying, I’ve never known sleep. I am in severe pains due to my bones. My legs are lifeless,” she added.
Janet’s attacker fled. Though her husband, Thaddeus Uker, was apprehended by the Police, he was later released “to go and produce her wife.”
Thaddeus has never returned neither has his wife produced before the police, Janet said.
Moreso, according to Janet, Angela’s family is bragging that she will get away with the crime since Janet has no one to make case for her.
It is worse that Janet cannot afford to meet with a neurosurgeon at the National Hospital given the estimated bill.
Judith Gbamkuran, elder sister of Janet told The Voice that they require at least Five Million Naira to get the desired medical attention at the national hospital.
The motive for the attack is not clear, as Janet said apart from when they (the attacker and Janet) participated in last year’s Yellow Fever Immunisation, they have never met.
Janet is therefore, appealing to the Benue State Government and spirited individuals to come to her aid to enable her access medical care at the National Hospital Abuja.

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