New Yams In Benue Market

By Denen Achussah
New Yams have been sighted in a local market in Kyado, Ukum Local Government Area (LGA) of Benue State.
Kyado and Igbongon are among major markets holding in Ukum, world’s yams rich LGA. 

Ben Ingyough, was excited on the sight of the new yams. Taking to his Facebook page, Ben announced: “Today is Kyado market in Ukum LGA. Proud of Agriculture!”
Terseer Igoil, one of the businessmen in Kyado Market told ThisWeek that other produce such as yams chips, water yam and sorghum are available at the market.
Yams have reached all time high record of Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200, 000. 00) per 100 tubers of the highest grade of yams, market indices have shown.
The entry of new yams in the market, analysts say will force the prices of “old yams” to come down.

New yams in Benue Market

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