Reactions As KiddWaya Is Evicted From 2020 BBN

By Denen Achussah

The eviction of Terseer Terry Waya a.k.a KiddWaya from the 2020 Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) show has sparked various shades of reactions from viewers. The show is code named Lockdown and was premiered on 19th July, with Eight Five Million Naira (N85, 000, 000. 00), as the prize money.

KidWaya himself said, after his eviction: "The money was never a motivation for me. I wanted to try something new and connect with people."

He went on: “I am not surprised at the Housemates that nominated me (for eviction). Most of them felt I really didn’t need to be here (in BBNaija show).”

In the weeks that led to his eviction, and but the two weeks he was not up for eviction, dozens of people, including politicians, celebreties, social media influencers mobilised support to vote him to stay in the house.

While others openly expressed their feelings as to why KiddWaya should not be in the show, others are alluding to his ethnicity as factors against the London based Benue born.

For instance, Niche Brands posted: "BBNaija was more of holiday to KiddWaya. I’m happy for the kind of selfless and humble person he is despite his wealthy background … the CEO of Niche Brands then threw a jab, when he said: "Those who were asking what his father/family have done for Benue, it’s now your turn to show us what you’ve done for your street …”

According to Prof Terhemba Shija, Benue was greatly promoted by KiddWaya’s "regular proud use of Tiv, Idoma and Igede tradional fabrics in both informal and formal modelling as well as his many positive testimonials in his discussions about the good people of the food basket state.

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“KiddWaya also effectively proved to the world that a Benue child is resilient, hardworking, honest and ready to serve others. He cooked most of their meals, lent a shoulder for some brokenhearted and never insulted any of his fellow housemates.

“Although, most of the female participants were heads over heels  in love with him, he proved the fidelity, chivalry and principles of the Benue man by being a gentleman. Those nasty stories about a Benue man being promiscuous or offering their wives to strangers were naturally corrected in the conduct of KiddWaya.”

To Ndi Kato, KiddWaya is “a well raised man. He was bigger than the show and didn’t deserve to be stuck with that kind of BS, and was quick to add “Happy freedom Kidd.”

On her part Mimi Atedze, one of the social media influencers that mobilised for his stay in the house said “Kiddwaya was real! Humble, honest, brilliant and talented. He was a full package but the organisers had their plans. Biggie stressed him! He Banned him from HOH (Head Of House) task for 2 weeks, banned him from DHOH (Deputy Head Of House), banned him from enjoying the HOH lounge luxury and hanged 2 strikes on him, disqualified his closest friend,  but guy was still strong!

“In the history of the show, nobody has been stripped of privileges like Kidd . We were helpless! But I’m glad he achieved a lot and will make it in the  industry! He is a great guy!”

To the team WayaDemGeng (WDG), Mimi said she was proud of them all, adding that they’ve done their best.

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Writing on his eviction Iorliam Shija noted that “Kiddwaya did a good game while in the house, but his management and some of his supporters couldn’t brand him properly. Most times, emotions took the stage and beclouded reason. The lesson here is that Strategy is key.

Shija, however concludes that “it is not a sin to invest emotions in everything will do. But we should, at no time, invest more in emotions at the expense of strategy. If you don’t want anybody to win or you want someone to win, stay back and vote massively. Viewers have never been evicted”.

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