Benue: Education Sector On Fire As Resigned ES And Commissioner Fight Dirty

  • as social media activists call for EFCC investigation

All may not be well at the Benue State Ministry of Education as last is yet to be heard of the rift between the just resigned Executive Secretary (ES) of the Teaching Service Board (TSB), Dr. Wilfred Uji, and the Commissioner for Education, Prof. Denis Ityavyar with the duo exchanging salvos.

The ES who has fingered the Commissioner as the reason for his resignation did not only resign quietly but also raised a series of accusations against Prof. Ityavyar ranging from an overbearing influence to issues of financial malpractice.

The ES who is believed to have vowed not to go down without letting the world here his story had leaked his resignation letter to the public and was published on several social media platforms, an action which set Ityavyar against the public who read the indictment as an attack on his person and political career.

Ityavyar who has never hidden his intention to take over from his boss in 2023 has viewed the affront as a direct attack on his ambition and so launched out all media arsenals at the outgone ES.

The governorship hopeful has already initiated a media war aimed at mud staining the EC and vindicating his own office.

He is rumoured to have employed the services of a notorious blogger who is famed to for his blackmail exploits to smear the image of Dr. Uji by churning different messages and posting indicting stories against the man to change public perception.

in his bid to further blacklist Uji, Prof Ityavyar and his ministry have issued several press releases with damning information about Uji which have saturated the Benue social media sphere and only today engaged mainstream media on the issue, in a world press conference.

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As the fracas approaches crescendo, watchers have suggested that the Benue State Governor, Dr. Samuel Ortom should invite the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate both characters in relations to serious allegations bordering on fraud and financial mismanagement.

One of such commentators who took to his Facebook account to express his opinion, is social critic and lawyer, Barr. Samson Luga who posted that, “I think you should as a matter of urgency submit Prof Denis Tyavyar ,the Honourable(?) Commissioner for Education and Prof Uji (Ex ES of TSB) to the EFCC for investigation.
These two have a lot of questions to answer based on their press statements and the veiled admissions they have made as to the pilfering of public funds as well as extortion of students in public schools in Benue State.
The issue of awarding contracts for supply of portraits, biometrics etc raised by the Ex ES must be at the forefront of these investigations”. See post insert.

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